Hyper-Reach: Text/Email/Telephone Messaging


What is Hyper-Reach?

The Hyper-Reach system allows authorized Town officials to create and rapidly disseminate time-sensitive messages to every telephone number and email address stored in the notification database.  With the Hyper-Reach system, authorized users can send thousands of messages in minutes.  Only authorized officials are allowed access to the system – the database will NOT be shared with third parties.

Any message regarding the safety or welfare of our community would be disseminated using the Hyper-Reach service. Examples would include severe weather warnings and updates, hazardous traffic or road conditions inside the town or affecting local routes, and any other situation that could impact the safety, property, or welfare of our citizens.  It is our intention and hope that every residence and commercial facility in our community be included in the notification database.


How to Enroll

  • Click Here to enroll with Hyper-Reach
  • … or Text “Alert” to 978-307-8700
  • … or Call 978-307-8700

Note: Passwords should be 10 characters or less

Citizens can also download the Hyper-Reach Anywhere app on their smartphone.  Hyper-Reach Anywhere is a free smartphone app that allows individual citizens to manage and monitor the alerts they receive, both for their home and office addresses and for other addresses they care about such as those of elderly relatives or friends.


How to assure you receive alerts

978-344-6060 is the Town of Maynard’s dedicated phone line for all HyperReach reverse 911 calls, so be sure to add it to your contacts so you won’t miss a message.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

Authorized officials record a voice message to send your voice, a text message, a TTY (teletype for the hearing impaired) message, or an alarm message to as many people as you need to reach, either from our website or with just one phone call. Authorized officials record a voice message that is then delivered quickly to individual phones and email addresses in the notification database.

What types of messages will be sent using the service?

Any message regarding the safety or welfare of our community would be disseminated using the Hyper-Reach service. Examples would include severe weather warnings and updates, hazardous traffic or road conditions inside the town or affecting local routes, water main repairs, and any other situation that could impact the safety, property, or welfare of our citizens.  You can optionally sign up for Weather alerts from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

Is my telephone number included in the notification database?

Landline phone numbers are automatically uploaded and enrolled for Community alerts, but Community and optional Weather alerts to mobile phones and email addresses are only included when people create an account within the system.    Residents and people who work in Maynard are encouraged to enroll now either by calling or texting “Alert” to (978) 307-8700 or by going to the Hyper-Read website.  Passwords should be 10 characters or less.

Can I update or add phone numbers and email addresses to the service?

Yes, simply visit Maynard’s Hyper-Reach portal to create a username and password to update and manage your own information.  Passwords should be 10 characters or less.

May I use a cell phone as my notification database listing?

Yes, we can accept cell phone numbers and email addresses in the database and encourage you to include both.

Does the Hyper-Reach service replace other systems that have been used to provide time-sensitive information to residents?

This system is replacing the previous Blackboard Connect system, and is a significant enhancement and supplement to existing means of communication – public access television, roadside message boards, this web site and social media outlets will continue to broadcast important announcements.

What precautions are being taken to protect personal information?

Maynard Hyper-Reach takes security and privacy concerns very seriously and does not sell, trade, lease or loan any data about their clients to any third party.  Hyper-Reach only utilizes secure transmissions with its customers.

Will there be a way to positively identify incoming calls which are made by the town using the system?

The caller-ID number for land line calls generated by the Hyper-Reach service will display the same phone number every time with “Town of Maynard” as the identifier.  Caller-ID numbers for cell phones will also be the same each time (the number is dictated by your cell provider) with “Maynard, MA” as the identifier.  In addition, every message begins with an announcement from the appropriate Town office.  For example:  “Good evening from the Maynard DPW.”  The message content will follow this standard introduction.

How does the Hyper-Reach system respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?

For busy signals, the call will be repeated several times in an attempt to reach you.  The same is true for No-answer and Call-waiting.  If the phone is answered by a message recorder, the message will be left on the answering device.  If, after several attempts the call does not successfully go through, the system will stop attempting to call.

Is there a way to repeat the message?

Each message will repeat once automatically.  If you want to listen to the message again, simply call the caller-ID number and the message will automatically be repeated in its entirety.

Can I receive the message in another language?

Each message will be delivered in two languages, English then Spanish.  For incoming calls, you will have the option to choose “1” for English and “2” for Spanish.  If the message is left on an answering device, both languages will be played, one after the other.  Emails will also contain both languages.  We are hoping to add more languages in time.


About the Maynard Emergency Management Agency

The Maynard Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is the Town agency responsible for coordinating federal, state, local, volunteer, and private resources during emergencies and disasters in the Town of Maynard.  Emergency Management develops plans for effective response to all-hazards, disasters or threats, trains emergency personnel and volunteers to protect the public, provides information to residents, and assists individuals, families, and businesses to mitigate against, prepare for, and respond to and recover from emergencies, both natural and manmade.

The Emergency Management Director (EMD) serves as the Chairman of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).  The LEPC is the planning side of the Town’s department-wide response to emergencies.  The Maynard EMA continued using the state’s web-based emergency management communications system, WebEOC, to provide real-time information sharing during natural and man-made incidents.  The EMD worked closely with staff from the MEMA Region 1 Office in Tewksbury and Framingham Headquarters.  In addition, staff attended several Local Directors Meetings and various stakeholder meetings/trainings throughout the state.


About Hyper-Reach

Hyper-Reach (www.hyper-reach.com) is a mass notification system with over 15 years of experience in emergency messaging.  Hyper-Reach sends messages via automated telephone calls, text messaging (SMS), email, and social media, such as Twitter.  Other uses of Hyper-Reach include Amber alerts, toxic chemical warnings, and armed shooter alerts.  In addition to 911 centers, Hyper-Reach is used by law enforcement, educational institutions, and corporations.

For more information about Hyper-Reach, go to www.hyper-reach.com.