Emergency Medical Services

The Maynard Fire Department provides transport to the area hospitals with a Basic Life Support Ambulance. Our EMT’s can provide a patient with Oxygen, assist them with certain medications, and are all trained in using Automatic Defribrilators in cases of a heart attack. For Advanced Life Support, we maintain a good working relationship with the Emerson Hospital Paramedics. The Paramedics are able to dispense a variety of medications to stablize a person prior to their arrival at the hospital.

Nineteen of our permanent personnel (90%) are trained and certified at the EMT level. Ongoing training is required by the State of Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services and an EMT must obtain 28 Continuing Education Credits and take an approved EMT Course Refresher every two years to maintain thier certifcation. The Fire Department and Emerson Hospital Paramedic Department offer courses throughout the year to assist the Department EMT’s in obtaining the neccessary credits.