Maynard Fire, EPA Respond to Martin Street for Chemical Response

Maynard Fire Department

Press Release

On August 27th at approximately 12:00, the Maynard Fire Department was notified of an open container of Mercury at a residence on Martin Street. The container was discovered by a neighbor of the resident while cleaning in her basement. Initially it was believed that there were chemicals being stored in a small amount of covered containers in the basement. Upon discovery of the mercury the regional hazardous materials team was activated. Further investigation revealed a number of chemicals being stored in the basement and in the garage.  The EPA was brought in to begin clean-up operations. 
The Maynard Fire Department (FD), Maynard Board of Health, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are coordinating a removal of hazardous material mercury and other compounds at a Martin Street address.  At this time there is no threat to public safety or public health.  The property is private property and the owner is cooperating fully with all agencies.  Citizens are instructed not to enter the property or grounds without consent from the authorities (EPA) prior.  The resident’s shelter needs are being accommodated by friends.
The removal of potentially hazardous is being monitored and overseen by the EPA with appropriate analysis and “best practices” in place.  The process is ongoing until all material has been removed and disposed of properly.  We encourage all citizens to avoid the area if possible to allow the abatement team to do their work without hindrance.
The suspicious containers and material was discovered by a neighbor of the resident while removing collected debris and material.  This person took the proper and immediate step of notifying the Maynard Fire Department and upon the FD observing the suspicious “collected material”. Chief Anthony Stowers worked with the Massachusetts Director of Hazardous Materials and contacted the appropriate local, state and federal authorities.  We would ask anyone who finds material suspicious or foreign, particularly chemicals and compounds to notify the police or fire immediately before removal, for more complete steps you may take when coming upon suspicious material, please visit . 
The EPA will remain involved post clean up.  All persons involved are trained and certified professionals in hazardous material removal. The Town would like to thank our local responders, Police, Fire and the Department of Public Works and the state and federal partners, particularly DEP and EPA for their efforts to avert disaster.