Maynard Fire Releases November 2012 Run Statistics

Type of ResponseNumber of Calls
BLS Ambulance Run27
ALS Ambulance Run21
Smoke Detector/CO Certificate16
Lifeline/Well Being Check, No Injury5
Motor Vehicle Accident4
Smoke Detector Activation, No Fire4
Gas Leak (Natural Gas or LPG)2
CO Detector activation due to Malfunction2
Smoke Detector Activation due to Malfunction2
Carbon Monoxide Incident2
Public Service2
Smoke Scare/Odor of Smoke2
EMS Rescue Call, No Injury/Illness2
Wire Down2
Lock Out2
Mutual Aid to the Fire2
Dispatched and Cancelled Enroute2
Malicious, Mischievous False Call1
Fire Alarm/Suppression System1
Fuel Burner/Boiler Malfunction1
Citizen Complaint1
Motor Vehicle Accident with No Injury1
 Reg. Fire Investigation Team Response1
Unauthorized Burning1
Medical Assist1
Detector Activation, No Fire-Unintentional1
Public Service Assistance1
Authorized Controlled Burning1
Brush or Brush and Grass Mixture1
Chimney or Flue Fire1
Chemical Hazard, no spill or leak1