Fire Dept. Inspections and Permits

The following is the current fee schedule for the Maynard fire Department for permits and inspectional services. Payment is due at the time of permit issue or inspection and shall be by check payable to the Town of Maynard. Any questions regarding these Inspections and Permits, please contact the Chief of Department at 978-897-1015.


Oil Burner Permit

Oil burner Inspection and Permit$ 25.00
Re-inspection$ 5.00

Black and Smokeless Powder Storage

Permit$ 25.00

Blasting Permit

Blasting Permit$ 25.00

Propane Gas Storage Permit

Up to 50 Gallons (415 lbs.)$ 25.00
51-100 Gallons (416-830 lbs.)$ 50.00
101-200 Gallons (831-4150 lbs.)$ 75.00
200+ Gallons (4151-16599 lbs.)$ 100.00

Gasoline/Diesel and Fuel Oil Storage Permit

Up to 1000 Gallons$ 25.00
1000-13000 Gallons$ 40.00
Over 10000 Gallons$ 65.00

Tank Removal Permit

Tank Removal (per Tank)$ 65.00

Tank Installation Permit

Inspection of Installation (Per tank)$ 25.00

Tank Truck Permit

Inspection of Installation (Per tank)$ 25.00
Re-inspection$ 5.00

Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Certification

Smoke Detector/CO Detector Inspection (Per Unit)$ 50.00/unit
Smoke Detector Inspection (Per Unit)$25.00/unit
Inspection (Per Zone)$ 40.00/zone
Re-inspection$ 5.00

Fire Alarm Systems

Inspection and Approval (Per Zone)$ 40.00/zone
Inspection and Approval (Addressable systems)$ 40.00/floor

Municipal Fire Alarm Box

Permit$ 25.00
Connection Fee$ 100.00
Yearly Maintenance (Churches & Non-Profit organizations)$ 75.00
Yearly Maintenance (All Others$ 200.00

Fire Sprinkler Systems (Inspection and Approval)

1-50 heads$ 25.00
51-100 heads$ 50.00
101-200 heads$100.00
200+ heads$200.00

Hood Extinguishing Systems/

Inspection and Approval$ 25.00

Copies of Fire and Medical Reports

Copy of each reportCopy of each report

M.G.L. Ch. 21E Survey

Survey$ 25.00/hour

Miscellaneous permits

Salamanders/Portable heaters$ 25.00
Tar Kettles$ 25.00
Roof Torches$ 25.00
Acetylene$ 25.00