Maynard Captains receive training in Rapid Intervention


Maynard Fire Department Captains Joseph Landry and William Soar have been in Canton at the Canton Fire Department training in Rapid Intervention techniques to extricate firefighters from the most hazardous situations.  This course is”designed to assist the firefighter in understanding and implementing Rapid Intervention. It covers such topics as the theory of Rapid Intervention Crews and practical applications aimed at removing a firefighter from a hostile environment. It covers such techniques as large area search, SCBA harness conversion and change out, one and two person drags, firefighter removal up or down a staircase, and firefighter removal out a window utilizing various body ramps and ladder rescues” (Massachusetts Department of Fire Services Website).

Landry and Soar will take the information back to the Maynard Fire Department and implement training for all the members of the Department. Interim Fire Chief Hurme explained why this training is so important, ” Firefighter safety is of the utmost importance and training is the key.  The recent events in the City of Worcester are a prime example of why we, as firefighters must be prepared.”

Keep checking the Maynard Fire Department home page and Facebook site for photos from the training when it happens.