Senior Center – Events


December/January Schedule


Zumba Toning (ZOOM) – 9:00 to 9:45
Knitting & Crocheting – 9:00
Drop-In –  9:00
Armchair Traveler – 1:00
Drop-In / Tablet Time – 1:00


Yoga & Stretch (ZOOM) – 9:00 to 10:00
Drop-In – 9:00
Craft Corner – 9:00
Book Club (ZOOM) January 25th at 11:00
Drop-In / Tablet Time – 1:00


Zumba Gold (ZOOM) – 9:00 to 10:00
Drop-In* – 9:00
Grab-n-Go’s – (see newsletter, page 8)
Drop-In / Tablet Time – 1:00


Drop-In –  9:00
Nature / Travel – 9:00
Arts & Crafts – 1:00
Drop-In / Tablet Time – 1:00

Friday (COA is closed December 24 and 31)

Kings, Queens & Jacks (cards) – 9:00
Drop-In / Tablet Time – 9:00, 1:00
Classic Comedies – 1:00


Inclement Weather & Safety Concerns at the Maynard COA during Winter Months

With winter officially here there are some safety cautions to be aware of when attending classes and activities at the Council on Aging. Remember that when the Maynard schools close the COA is always closed and if there is a delay in the schools’ opening the COA will always have a delay in opening. With any snowy and icy conditions the parking lot may not be plowed before the COA’s scheduled time to open. (the COA’s hours are 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)

In addition to the parking lot sloping upward, the walkway to the COA has a steep incline before you get to the main stairs. We do have a railing on the right side of the walkway but with any inclement conditions (even when treated) the walkway may be of risk. As well the steps in the front of the building can be slippery (even when treated) – please use the railings on either side of the steps. At the front entrance melting and dripping water off the roof can be of concern as it can form a puddle which will freeze in certain conditions. Every attempt is made to treat slippery and icy areas but things will refreeze quickly in certain conditions. Orange cones will be put out when it isn’t safe in certain areas including the walkway facing the golf course. The steps and walkway on the back side of the building facing the upper parking lot should never be used to enter the COA.

It is a priority of the COA to keep anyone entering the building safe. In addition, even when the schools are open you may receive a “robo-call” from the COA advising you access to the building is not safe and classes and activities will be cancelled. Always call the COA if you are not certain the COA is accessible and open. We’re not able to include you in a “robo-call” without your phone number in our My Senior Center program – please call the COA and sign up.


Maynard Council on Aging Reopening Policies and Procedures

The Maynard COA will be following these policies to ensure the safety and welfare of participants, staff, instructors, and visitors. We are reducing the number of participants and setting rooms up differently for each program to create more space to allow for social distancing.

  • Everyone must register in advance for any program you plan to attend. When you call to register, you will be given a time to come to the COA.
  • Effective August 12, the Health Department and Town Administration issued the recommendation that all Town staff and visitors, fully vaccinated or not, are REQUIRED to wear masks or face coverings when indoors at any public Town of Maynard building or facility until further notice.
  • By entering the building, you are acknowledging you are feeling well, have no symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Programs may be scheduled with some activities occurring on multiple days in consideration of having smaller groups. We are doing this so anyone interested in attending will be able to do so.
  • We have scheduled time between the morning and afternoon programs for cleaning and disinfection, as well as room breakdown and set up. This also allows for those attending a morning and afternoon program will have the opportunity to leave and come back.
  • The COA will not be offering food with any program. Water will be available, and you are free to make coffee or tea.