Senior Center – Wellness Programs


Yoga & Stretch with Rebecca – Tuesdays at 9am

Maynard COA instructor Rebecca Reber will lead you through a series of yoga poses and stretches while you are seated on a chair. Safely build strength and stability and enjoy guided meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. This is Zoom class which allows you to see and interact with other Maynard seniors. Please call the COA at 978-897-1009 or email Amy Loveless directly at to sign up.


Zumba Gold  – Wednesdays at 9am

Zumba Gold is a low impact, fun dance-fitness with international music including oldies you like. This class will be taught by Yachun who is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor. We focus on building strength, cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, and flexibility.


Seated Senior Fitness – Tuesdays, 11:00 at the COA

This seated fitness class is a total body workout that will help you build up muscle strength and improve the mobility of joints and balance. We will start with a gentle warm-up, followed by strength training exercises for all the major muscle groups of the body using resistance bands, balls and handheld weights, as well as standing balance exercises for those who are able. We will conclude the class with stretching exercises to increase flexibility and relax the body.

Join YC (Yachun) who is certified in both Silver Sneakers and AFAA group fitness for a fun and easy to follow seated workout class.


Zumba Gold Toning – Mondays at 9am

Zumba Gold Toning combines the cardio and body toning exercises in one class. You’ll dance along to great music and shake the maraca-like Zumba® Toning Sticks (provided by COA) to improve cardiovascular health and muscle endurance. The class ends with relaxing cooldown and stretching exercise. You can also join the class without using any weights.

For weights, please prepare two 1 lb. dumbbells or two 16.9oz bottled water. (It’s okay if you don’t want to use weights though).

The class will be held on Mondays at 9 a.m. This is a 45-minute class. Please contact the COA if you have any questions or would like to sign up at 978-897-1009.


Mindful Living Webinars – Fridays

The peace and happiness that you seek is already within you, we’re just remembering where it is! Weekly classes are 1-hour in length on Fridays from 10 to 11 am and are created especially for older adults and are filled with laughter, peace, and happiness.

To register for a Mindful Living webinar please call 978-897-1009.
Click here to view the Mindful Living flyer