Maynard/Acton Commuter Shuttle

March 18, 2020: The MBTA is operating on a reduced service schedule. Please review the MBTA website for detailed schedule information.

(26-Mar) The Maynard/Acton Commuter Shuttle has temporarily stopped operation. Please check back for updates.

commuter-shuttle-vanCrossTown Connect and the Towns of Maynard and Acton are sponsoring a commuter shuttle program.

The shuttle runs between downtown Maynard and the South Acton Commuter Rail station with stops at:

    • Mill & Main Sudbury Street Lot (morning)
    • Mill & Main Street Log (morning)
    • Mill & Main Building 5 (evening)
    • Mill & Main Building 1
    • Summer Street Municipal Lot Electrical Charging Station
    • Maynard Golf Course
    • 138 Parker Street/6 Drummer Road

Help Promote the Commuter Shuttle!

Download and distribute our brochure.


Shuttle Fees

Fares for the commuter shuttle are $2 each way and van drivers will not take cash on the shuttles. Passes are available at our secure e-pay site.

Once you get to the e-pay site:

  1. Enter your choices, make a purchase, and you are done.
  2. Your driver will provide you with your purchased pass on your next trip.

cross-town-connect-logo-400Residents of Maynard and Acton are encouraged to use this regional transportation program to get to a workplace along the Boston – Fitchburg rail line. Employees of companies along the route may also enjoy taking public transit to and from their workplace.


Shuttle Schedule (Mon-Fri Only)

Download the Shuttle Schedule

All times approximate. Arriving at South Acton Commuter Rail to coincide with inbound and outbound trains.

Shuttles loop to/from Maynard, Acton, and South Acton Rail, picking up and dropping passengers at Parker/Drummer, Paper Store HQ, Maynard Golf, downtown Maynard, Mill & Main.

Inbound trains to Boston; Outbound trains to Fitchburg.

Shuttle / StopsAMInboundOutbound
Departs Maynard Golf Course6:10
Arrives Parker/Dummer6:17
Arrives South Acton Station6:23#402
Departs Mill & Main Sudbury Lot6:45
Departs Mill & Main Main lot6:47
Departs Downtown Maynard6:50
Departs Maynard Golf Course6:54
Arrives South Acton Station7:00#404
Departs South Acton Station7:05
Departs Mill & Main Sudbury Lot7:30
Departs Mill & Main Main lot7:32
Departs Downtown Maynard7:35
Departs Maynard Golf Course7:39
Departs Parker/Drummer7:44
Arrives South Acton Station7:49#408
Departs Mill & Main Sudbury Lot8:15
Departs Mill & Main Main lot8:17
Departs Downtown Maynard8:20
Departs Maynard Golf Course8:24
Departs Parker/Drummer8:30
Arrives South Acton Station8:35#410
(takes final riders to their stops)

Evening shuttles drop off at the following locations based on rider need: Parker/Drummer, Paper Store HQ, Maynard Golf, downtown Maynard, Mill & Main.

Inbound trains to Boston; Outbound trains to Fitchburg.

Shuttle / StopsPMInboundOutbound
Departs Mill & Main Building 54:45
Departs Mill & Main Building 14:47
Departs Downtown Maynard4:50
Departs Paper Store HQ4:55
Arrives South Acton Station5:10#494
Departs South Acton Station5:13
Takes riders to Parker-Drummer and back to Maynard (Golf Course, Downtown, Mill & Main)
Departs Mill & Main Building 55:55
Departs Mill & Main Building 15:57
Departs Downtown Maynard6:00
Departs Paper Store HQ6:05
Arrives South Acton Station6:18#424
Departs South Acton Station6:22
If #421 is late, CV6 may take #419 passengers, then return.
Departs Mill & Main Building 57:00
Departs Mill & Main Building 17:02
Departs Downtown Maynard7:05
Departs Paper Store HQ7:11
Arrives South Acton Station7:25#426
Departs South Acton Station after #425 arrives5:16
Takes riders to their final stops.