Glenwood Cemetery

Glenwood CemeteryGlenwood Cemetery is currently the only site in Maynard that has been accepted to the National Register of Historic Places.

Its origins in 1820 predate the incorporation of the town in 1871. Currently covering 23 acres it is Maynard's only municipal cemetery and is located along the northeast corner of the intersection of Great Road (Route 117) and Parker Street (Route 27). The Parker Street edge is considered the "front" of the cemetery, reflecting its origins, and where the main gate is located. The cemetery holds over 6,000 graves including that of 54 Civil War veterans.

The Cemetery is maintained by the Cemetery Division of the Maynard Department of Public Works. In 2013, the Maynard Historical Commission initiated a CPA-funded project to replace the fence surrounding the cemetery, which had generally succumbed to the wear and tear of New England weather. (Read more about this project.)

National Recognition

Glenwood Cemetery was accepted into the National Register of Historical Places on May 4, 2004 reflecting its importance in the local history of Maynard and the surrounding area. We have provided a subset of the submission documents here which go into detail about the Cemetery's historical significance (note: these are PDF scanned documents).