Opening a Business in Maynard

The Town of Maynard has created the Maynard Business Guide to help navigate municipal procedures – including permitting, licensing and zoning – in a simple, straightforward format. It is part of a larger effort to simplify municipal processes and maintain a customer friendly environment within Town Hall. An abridged format can be found below; click on the tab that relates to your future business venture in Maynard. 

The guide provides contact information and will help commercial customers, prospective businesses, and residents save time and money when interacting with Town Hall. Additionally, Maynard’s Office of Municipal Services staff is available to answer any questions you may have and help you get started.

We understand the permitting process can appear cumbersome, but in addition to ensuring both regulatory compliance and the health and safety of the public, local permitting creates a healthy business environment. When you succeed, Maynard succeeds and the Town wants to do everything it can to ensure your business is a success!


The Town of Maynard has made every effort to ensure that this Business Guide is accurate; however, the Town specifically disclaims liability for any inaccuracies, omissions or changes that may have occurred. Prior to making a formal application for any of the permits, licenses, documents, etc. in this Guide, you should verify all information with the appropriate Town Hall staff 

If you find information in this manual that is incorrect, misleading, or incomplete, we would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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Maynard Business Guide, an easy guide to licensing, permitting, and zoning in Maynard

Type of business

The permits, licenses, and appointments you will need

Who needs a Marijuana License?

Any business that sells, stores, distributes, cultivates, manufactures, serves or delivers marijuana and/or marijuana products.

Is the location suitable for your business?

Site specific zoning information can be obtained from the Building Commissioner.

Will I need Site Plan Review? 

The Building Commissioner will advise you if Site Plan Approval is necessary for your project. Most projects without exterior improvements do not require Site Plan Approval.

Obtain a Business Certificate

See Business Certificates.

What permits will I need?

  • The Building Commissioner will determine what building/signage/parking permits/special requirements are required for your project. More information on Building Permits.
  • Board of Health Permits are required.
  • A Special Permit from the Planning Board approving the proposed location will be required. 

Where and how do I get a License for Marijuana?

Obtaining a Marijuana License requires multiple steps. Approvals are required from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (MCCC), the Select Board (SB), and the Planning Board. The licensing process is as follows:

  1. Complete the appropriate online application on the MCCC’s website ( 
  2. Through the SB Office request to negotiate a “Host Community Agreement”. The request will be scheduled as an agenda item for a SB meeting. 
  3. Upon agreement, the SB Office will forward the Host Agreement to the MCCC for its approval. 
  4. A Special Permit from the Planning Board approving the proposed location is required for all Marijuana Uses. Once the SB has executed the Host Community Agreement, a hearing may be scheduled through the Office of Municipal Services to request a Special Permit hearing. 

Schedule a plan review with the Fire Department

See Fire Department.

Further information

For further information call the Select Board office at 978-897-1351 or see Select Board.

Who needs an Alcohol License?

Any business that sells, stores, distributes, serves or delivers alcohol must have an alcoholic beverage license. 

Where and how do I get an Alcohol License?

Alcoholic beverage licenses must be approved by the Select Board (SB) as well as the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC). The SB, acting as the local licensing board issues the license, according to the following process: 

  1. Choose and complete the appropriate online application on the ABCC’s website (
  2. Submit the application to the SB. The application will be posted as an agenda item for the SB.
  3. Appear before the SB at the appropriate time, date, and location.
  4. The SB will review your application and determine whether to approve it at the local level.
  5. Upon approval, the SB Office will forward the application to the ABCC for its approval. Once approved by the ABCC, the SB will issue you the license. 

Note: There are a limited number of Alcohol Licenses that can be issued in Maynard – check with the Select Board Office for availability.  

Do I need a Special Permit?

The Planning Board may also require a Special Permit depending on the particular use you are requesting. See Special Permits. 

Business Certificate

For more information on Business Certificates.

Further information

For further information call the SB office at 978-897-1351 or see Select Board.