Dog Regulations

Important portions of the Dog Owner's Responsibility Law are included here. The complete set of regulations is available at the Town Clerk's office.


Rabies is a disease caused by a germ in the saliva of a "Mad" dog. The germs enter the body through the wound made when a rabid animal bites another animal or person.


Rabies may appear in either the dumb or the furious form. 

Dumb Rabies

The symptoms are not constant, but as a rule dogs with Dumb Rabies are very restless. The eyes take on a peculiarly bright appearance, with dilated pupils. The dogs may be more affectionate than usual. The throat and jaws gradually become paralyzed so that the mouth Hangs Open, saliva drools out, and the tongue seems to be in the way. There is difficulty in swallowing. Frequently these symptoms lead to the mistake of thinking the animal has a bone caught in the throat. The dog may snap at imaginary objects.

Furious Rabies

Dogs affected with the Furious form of rabies become irritable and restless, snapping at people or other animals. They will chew up foreign material such as rugs, pieces of clothing, or wood. They try to get out of the house to run. If confined, they will tear at objects and, if they break loose, will run aimlessly for miles, snapping and biting at any moving objects crossing their path.

In both forms of rabies, there is a peculiar high pitched and hound-like howl, The end comes when the dog is exhausted, the legs become paralyzed, and the dog dies in a stupor. Rabies never appear as sudden convulsions or fits.

Dog Bites

If a dog bites a person, do not kill it. Confine the dog and call a veterinarian. The dog should be kept under observation.

If it remains well, there is no danger of rabies to animals or persons bitten; if it has rabies, definite symptoms and death will occur within the two weeks' period of restraint that is required. If the dog is killed at once, you may never know whether or not it was rabid.

All persons bitten by or intimately exposed to rabid animals should be given anti-rabic treatment.


The license period shall be from January 1st of each year to December 31st of the same year.

The Town Clerk shall not grant such license for any dog unless the owner thereof provides the Town Clerk with either a rabies certificate or has been certified exempt from such provision as outlined in MGL Chapter 140, Sec 137 or 137A.

A late fee on $25 is charged after March 1st (Sec. 7) for each unlicensed dog.

Please visit the Dog Licensing page for more information and forms.


  • No owner or keeper of any dog shall permit such dog to run at large at any time (Sec. 9). The owner or keeper of a licensed dog shall cause it to wear around its neck or body a collar or harness to which shall be securely attached a tag.
  • If a dog is permanently removed to another town a transfer license must be secured in such town.
  • Every dog six months or over must be licensed and tagged.
  • The license is granted subject to conditions that the dog herein described shall be controlled and restrained from chasing or hassling live stock or fowl.
  • Owners are under a "pooper-scooper" law to dispose of dog feces when walking dog (Sec. 10).

Section 10: Dog Waste Disposal

Each person who owns, possesses or controls a dog walking in any area within the Town of Maynard, other than on their own private property, is responsible for the immediate removal and disposal of any feces left by his or her dog on any sidewalk, gutter, street or other public area. Persons walking dogs must carry with them a device designed to dispose of dog feces. Such devices include, but are not limited to plastic bags or "pooper-scoopers." Exempt from this requirements of this By-law are "assistance dogs" in the service of their handlers, such as those dogs who aid the deaf or blind.


After a warning has been issued: (A) Informal Disposition Process:

  • 1st Offense in calendar year $25
  • 2nd Offense in calendar year $50
  • 3rd Offense in calendar year $100 (Sec. 6.5)

Note: This is not a complete copy of the dog owner's responsibility law. Complete copies are available at the

Town Clerks Office
Town Hall
195 Main Street
Maynard, MA 01754

Phone: 978-897-1300.

To reach the dog officer call the Police Department at 978-897-1011