Inspection Scheduling

Inspections should be called in 2 Days in advance when possible. Building Permit / Signature Card should be posted at the site.

After Building Permit is issued, inspections are required as follows:

  1. Sono Tube Inspection called in after:
    • Sono tubes are in place - Before pouring
  2. Foundation Inspection called in after:
    • Walls poured - before capped
    • Damp proofing/Waterproofing as required
    • Perimeter insulation installed, if required
    • Certified as-built foundation Plan required from engineer for new buildings and substantial additions.
  3. Throat Inspection called in after:
    • Before first flue tile is installed.
  4. Sheathing Inspection:
    • May be required by the Department in certain structural situations.
  5. Frame Inspection should be called in after:
    • Lally columns in place
    • Basement accessible (stairs, door)
    • Rough plumbing and electric complete and inspected (Please note, if rough wiring inspection is made before exterior wall covering is attached, an additional wiring inspection may be required by the Department)
    • Structure complete and watertight.
  6. Insulation Inspection called in after:
    • It is installed per plan and fire stopping complete.
  7. Final Inspection (for Certificate of Occupancy/Use) should be called in after:
    • Final Wiring Inspection
    • Final Plumbing Inspection
    • Oil Burner and/or Gas Inspection
    • Smoke and/or CO Detectors Inspected by Fire Department
    • House number posted
    • All other items completed.

Structure is Not to be Occupied or Used until Certificate of Occupancy/Use Is Issued.