Reo Rd Playground Subcommittee


The principal objective of this group is to completely rebuild Reo Rd Playground to be safe, inclusive, and fully accessible. We are doing so by engaging community members, committees, and local and state governments. Simultaneously, we are identifying short-term improvements. As one of only two stand-alone playgrounds in Maynard, it is vital to provide a contemporary, barrier-free space for our children that fosters their growth and development and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

Currently, we have submitted an application to the Conservation Preservation Committee to secure funding for Phase 1 of a complete rebuild of Reo Rd Playground. This phase encompasses engineering, design, and landscape architecture services for a land survey, wetland delineation, drainage study, and master plan development.

The current playground - located in the heart of the "maze" neighborhood and arrived at by foot, bike, or car - is in a desirable location but lacking in its impact to the community. This project will result in a dynamic and welcoming community space for all kids and caregivers who choose to access it, providing essential needs for all kids, whether it's gaining strength, stability, and motor skills; encouraging social development; or solving physical and mental challenges and thinking creatively. It will be a long-term improvement that the town of Maynard can be proud of.

The Reo Rd Playground Subcommittee is organized within the Conservation Commission that oversees the land that Reo Rd Playground is on.


Mike Giarratano - chair2022
Abigail Casabona2022
Sara Engleman2022
Andrew Sutton2022


We meet (virtually) on the first Tuesday of every month.