Council on Aging Van

Effective April 1, 2022, to schedule the van contact the Council on Aging at 978-897-1009Council on Aging Van

The Council on Aging van operates five days a week from 7 am to 3 pm, providing transportation to essential services such as health care providers, dentists, pharmacies, banks, hair salons and grocery stores. Residents over the age of 60 and individuals with disabilities of any age may use the van. If a rider is handicapped in any way, please let the Council on Aging know so accommodations can be made.


Reservations MUST be made 48 hours in advance. If you need to CANCEL your reservation it should be done at least 24 hours in advance. Cancelling the day of your reservation can negatively impact the schedule and other riders' transportation needs. Unforeseen circumstances do occur but this should not be common practice to delay cancelling your reservation.

Three people standing outside of the van doorsPickups

Riders should be ready for pickups at least an hour in advance of their pickup time as critical schedule changes may occur to accommodate multiple passengers. The van will wait no longer than 5 minutes for a passenger to emerge at which time the driver will call the rider and then call the Council on Aging staff to try and reach the rider. On very busy days the van can get behind schedule whether due to traffic, a delay in a rider being ready for pickup, and other factors not under the driver's control. Delays most often occur with multiple medical appointments in the same time frame for pickup and drop off.

Rider Conduct

The Council on Aging expects riders to treat the van drivers, COA staff, and fellow riders with respect. No rude or intimidating language will be tolerated. Riders are not to engage in conduct which delays or disrupts the transportation service. As well, if the van driver feels there are risks factors (poor mobility, impaired judgement, intoxication) in attempting to transport a rider, the driver may decide not to transport the rider. In some cases, 911 may be called.

Inside of the COA vanPassenger Safety

As of February 1, 1994 it is a mandatory law in Massachusetts that passengers are required to use seatbelts. Van drivers have the authority to insist that seatbelts be worn or a passenger not ride in the van. If there is a medical reason why a passenger cannot use a seatbelt there must be a letter from their physician. Passengers are required to keep buckled in their seats while the van is in motion.

Please contact the Council on Aging at 978-897-1009 if you have any questions.