Water Resources Report – 2011


The Town of Maynard's (Town's) existing water supply sources includes three well sites; one located off Rockland Avenue, a second off of Old Marlboro Road, and a third located on Great Road (Well No. 4) in Maynard and a surface water supply at White Pond located in the Towns of Stow and Hudson. Currently, the Town receives most of its water supply from the Rockland Avenue Wells to meet the Town's water demands. However, if these wells have mechanical failure and go offline, the Town does not have sufficient redundancy to meet average and maximum day demands due to capacity and treatment deficiencies associated with the other available water resources.

The Town identified the need to assess their current water resources and identify redundant capacity in the event the Rockland Avenue Wells are offline. Woodard and Curran conducted an assessment to identify potential water source alternatives and the respective water yield, estimated cost, permitting requirements, and pros/cons to determine a recommended approach for how the Town should proceed with future water supply development.

As part of this study, Woodard and Curran reviewed previous study recommendations and findings that included the 1994 White Pond Design Report, White Pond Pilot Studies, Old Marlboro Well color treatment alternatives, MassDEP Annual Statistical Reports (ASRs), and other referenced reports.

The following potential water resource alternatives were identified and assessed by Woodard and Curran:

  • White Pond Surface Water Treatment
  • White Pond Well Development
  • Old Marlboro Well Capacity and Treatment Alternatives
  • New Well Development to Connect with Well No. 4

The Water Resources Report

This Assessment Report developed by Woodard and Curran includes the following sections:

  • Present Water System
  • Recent Water Consumption and Trends
  • White Pond Surface Water Treatment
  • Groundwater Source Alternatives
  • Inter-Municipal Water Connections
  • Recommended Alternatives

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