Florida Road Bridge Project

Closure Notice

Florida Road will be closed at the bridge site beginning December 13th for the duration of the construction project (approximately two years). Abutter access will be maintained throughout construction.

Graphic of work area

The Florida Road Bridge Replacement is a collaboration between the Town of Maynard, MassDOT's Highway Division and the Federal Highway Administration. The existing bridge, constructed in 1915, has several structural issues including:

  • Deficient Concrete Arch
  • Barriers on Bridge Unsafe for Vehicular Impact
  • Deteriorated Sidewalks with Small Curb Reveals
  • Narrow Roadway/Shoulders
  • Horizontal and Vertical Curves
  • Poor Sight Distance

The new bridge will be a replacement of the entire structure with crash-tested railings and end posts, new sidewalks improved drainage, replacement of sections of water and sewer mains in the bridge area and the relocation of utility poles and overhead wires.

Safety Notice

All Town residents and visitors of the area around the Florida Road bridge reconstruction project (including the waters of the Assabet River) should take caution when in the vicinity of the bridge reconstruction project. The area around the bridge is an active construction work zone and access into the work zone is not allowed by non-construction personnel. This work zone includes the section of the Assabet River immediately around the bridge. All persons should be cautious around this area and not enter the construction work zone for any reason.  

Detour PlanTraffic Impacts

  • Florida Road will be closed at the bridge site during construction
  • Traffic detour will include Main Street Summer Street and Nason Street
  • Bicycle and pedestrian Access will be maintained during construction on the Assabet River Rail Trail and Summer Street.
  • Abutter access maintained throughout construction
  • The Florida Court municipal parking lot will be unavailable to the public during the construction period.

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