Town Scale Restoration

In 1871 the Town purchased (or received) an official scale for the Sealer of Weights and Measures. Manufactured by the E Howard Company the scale has remained in Town Hall (throughout its various locations and incarnations).

In 2012 former Historical Commission member Paul Boothroyd noted that the Town Scale was flagged for disposal as part of the renovations at Town Hall. Paul, with the support of the Historical Commission, provided storage the scale.

In 2013 Community Preservation Act funding was approved by Town Meeting to restore the scale and put it on public display. The Maynard Public Library generously agreed to provide space for the scale.

In 2014 the cabinet restoration was completed and the cabinet was moved to the 2nd floor of the library (near the Reference Librarian office). The scale mechanism was cleaned and the liquid measurement containers were painted. A LED lighting system was installed so the scale mechanism could be easily viewed by the public.

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