Census & Resident Information

The Annual Municipal Census

The Town Clerk conducts the annual census of Maynard and publishes the results in a printed residents' list (commonly known as the "Street List"). The publication contains a list of all residents seventeen and older, as of January 1st of each year. The publication is available at the Town Clerk's Office at a cost of $12 for "hard copy".

2022 Annual Town Census/Street Listing

The annual 2022 Town Census Form (PDF) has been mailed to all Maynard households on February 3, 2022. The information from this Census report provides proof of residency, Street Listings, the School Report, Veterans' Bonuses, housing for the elderly, and related benefits, as well as protection of voting right. The population figure has a bearing on the State and Federal aid Maynard will receive.

Please review the information, make any additions/corrections, sign and return the census by February 28, 2022. The completed form can be mailed in the self-addressed envelope or placed in the Town Clerk secure drop box located at the base of the main stairs at Town Hall (on the left side of the stairs).

Any member of the family in the Military Service, away at college, or confined to a rest home whose legal residence is the same as your own, should be included on this form.

Please note that completing a census form does not automatically register anyone to vote. Completion of a voter registration affidavit is necessary.

If your household does not receive a census addressed to your family or one addressed to "Current Resident," please download the form using the link below or contact the Town Clerk's office to have one mailed to you by phoning 978-897-1300 or emailing the Clerk.