Vital Records

The Town Clerk acts as the Town Registrar of vital records and statistics. The office accepts all new filings and maintains past records of all births, deaths and marriages that occur in Maynard.

The Town Clerk is authorized to issue certified copies of birth, death, and marriage records, and administers adoption and record-change depositions. The fee for obtaining a certified copy of a vital record is $10 for the cost of retrieval. More complex, but rare vital records process fees are listed below. Acceptable forms of payment are cash or personal checks in person, or debit or credit card via our online payment system.

Pay Online: 

If you wish to order a certified copy of a vital record to be picked up at the Town Clerk's Office, email the Town Clerk.

Include the following information:

  • Date of occurrence
  • Name (s) on record
  • Number of copies
  • Date to be picked up

Certificate of Birth

The only records of birth on file with the Town Clerk are of those children whose parents were residing in Maynard at the time of the child's birth, and those children who were physically born in Maynard. ~ The Town Clerk is authorized to issue certified copies of birth records (with raised seal) for a fee of $10 to cover the cost of retrieval.~ The Clerk also administers adoption and record-change depositions.

To obtain a certified copy of a birth record, please send a request including the name and date of birth, along with a check for $10, payable to the "Town of Maynard", sent to the attention of the Office of the Town Clerk.

Certificate of Death

The Office of the Town Clerk is the custodian of death records of those persons who physically die in Maynard and those who were legal residents of the town at the time of their death.~ Certified copies of the certificate of death may be obtained for a fee of $10.~ A request for a certificate, accompanied by a check for $10 made payable to the Town of Maynard, along with the name of the deceased and the date of death (please include a SASE), will be honored in a timely fashion.

Certificate of Marriage

Many couples wish to have a certified copy of their marriage record to keep with family records and to comply with the constant demands made today for proof of marriage. A marriage certificate is on file in the town where the marriage intentions were filed.

If you wish a certified copy of your marriage records, the Town Clerk will be pleased to send you one upon receipt of a check for $10 made out to the Town of Maynard. Please mail request to:

Town Clerk
Town of Maynard
195 Main Street
Maynard, MA 01754

Please submit payment along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and the following information:

  • Date of Marriage
  • Name of Groom
  • Name of Bride
  • Address to which copy is to be mailed

Fee Schedule

Vital RecordFee (per copy)
Certificate of Birth$10
Birth Certificate Corrections$25
Home Birth Registraton$35 (Includes 1x copy of Birth Certificate)
Certificate of Death$10
Death Certificate Corrections$25
Certificate of Marriage$10
Marriage Certificate Corrections$25
Filing of Marriage Intentions
$40 (Includes 1x copy of Marriage Certificate)