61-63 Summer Street Re-Use Committee

61-63 Summer Street Re-Use Committee Members

  • Brion Humphrey Berghaus, Co-Chair
  • Khadijah Brown, Co-Chair
  • Ellen Duggan
  • Lisa Dunn
  • Linde Ghere
  • Andy Moerlein

Committee Charge

Submit no less than three (3) options to the Select Board for the re-use of 61-63 Summer Street.


Review relevant documents; meet with town staff, relevant committees, and local experts on zoning, affordable housing, and real estate; understand the potential uses for this site and impact to town and community.


No later than September 1, 2023, the Committee will advise the Select Board by outlining three to five (3 to 5) unranked possible uses of the property. This report will list the possibilities and explain how each possibility meets the following:

  1. Financial benefits – Explain the financial benefits Maynard could receive from each possible use.
  2. Master Plan – Explain which specific goals each possible use could achieve.
  3. Maynard Community Development Principles – Explain how each goal meets the Maynard Community Development Principles.
  4. Housing Production Plan - If applicable, include a description in the report.


White Paper on Zoning Considerations for 61-63 Summer Street, Jan. 2023

Appraisal by Greg Story, 61 Summer Street, February 2022